How to Create Google Posts from the Dashboard

In this article, you will learn how to create a Google post using the dashboard's technology and how to choose where these posts will display.

1. First, navigate to the “Placement” section of the dashboard. Once there, click on the “Posts” sub-section.

placementgooglepostingEDIT (1)

2. Once here, you will be able to create posts that will be displayed on your Google My Business page. These posts usually take the form of offers or anything else you’d like to use to attract customers. The top of the page is where you can create your post.


3. If you’d like to add an image to your Google post you can click on “Attach Image” at the bottom of the posting field.


4. Once your post is created, click the blue icon in the bottom right of the posting field to finish your post.


5. The picture below shows what Google posts look like on Google search pages and your Google My Business page.


6. After that you’re all finished! Here are a couple more examples of Google posts so you can get a feel for what yours could look like!


Screenshot (60)